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Pharmacogenomics (PGx)

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DNA Testing for Right Meds and Right Dose 

Bring in a list of your current medications and get your pharmacogenomics test done. 

 The process is simple: 

  • Healthcare provider orders the test
  • A simple cheek swab 
  • The sample is sealed and sent to the lab for analysis. 
  • Results are back in 2 weeks
  • You meet withan Elara Clinical Pharmacist who explains the results, reviews medications against the analysis and provides recommendations to your healthcare provider.

 What The Results Tell You 

The results of this test could help plan your medication choices for the rest of their life. Instead of a trial and error method of prescribing, the test results help you get the right medications right from the start. 

The labanalyzes your genetic profile against more than 200 prescription and Over the Counter medications. They provide information on what meds will be effective, ineffective or have negative side effects, based on your genetic makeup. 

Ask your Healthcare Provider about this test.

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