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Annual Wellness Visits

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Do you have a wellness plan? 

Take charge of your healthcare by developing a wellness plan. 

 Elara Wellness partners with your healthcare provider for preventive care starting with the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) 

What is An Annual Wellness Visit? 

An Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is like a health audit. It provides an opportunity to create a Healthcare plan and then check in once a year to review your health status and update the plan. You can use this as a blue print to help you take charge of your health and wellness.

This visit is different from your yearly physical.  

It is fully paid for through your Medicare benefits. 

What Does An Annual Wellness Visit Include? 

Elara wellness providers work with you to explore your healthcare needs. This includes 

  • How can you plan for healthier lifestyle choices? 
  • What screening and lab tests do you need? 
  • Are your immunizations up to date? 
  • Are your meds and supplements working well? 
  • How do you plan for care when you most need it? 
  • Creating a care plan for any chronic conditions you have 

Who is Eligible? 

  • Are you 65 years and above?  
  • Do you have Medicare coverage? 
  • Ask your healthcare provider how to take advantage of this benefit! 


What will I need to provide for an Annual Wellness Visit? 

In order to complete a healthcare plan, please gather ; 

  • A list of all your medications – Prescriptions, OTC, Herbs, Supplements 
  • A list of other doctors you have seen in the last 2 years (include contact info if available) 
  • A list of surgeries & procedures with dates 
  • A list of your current immunizations 
  • A list of all recent screening and lab tests (Include reports if available) 

Ask your healthcare provider about this very important benefit. 

Download Patient AWV Flyer