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Health and wellness is big business… we get it; we also have to pay our bills. The issue we have with the business is that it sometimes seems to be all business and very little health!

Elara Wellness is based on our belief that every person deserves a fair shot at true wellness. Not lack of disease, but blissful glowing health.

One can start at any end of the health continuum in enhancing health; after all, we have to meet people where they are and THEN journey with them on what has to be a personal quest for THEIR optimal wellness. Having a community of support certainly makes the journey easier, and ELARA becomes part of that community.

Preventive healthcare means different things to different people. Most importantly, it is that which supports individual health and by extension, public health. Elara is at the forefront of providing services that enhance providers’ preventive healthcare offerings.

Elara Wellness Providers who are board-certified pharmacists, supported by a caring and well-trained staff of Wellness Coaches, partner with and become resources for healthcare providers and recipients. The services, often provided as part of an Annual Wellness Visit, include developing preventive health plans (this may include screening and lab tests, immunizations, and lifestyle changes), reviewing and optimizing medication and supplement use (checking if meds and supplements used are appropriate, effective and not causing side-effects), as well as coaching and education to achieve health goals.

Our guiding intention is to empower people to take charge of their health by forming collaborative partnerships with healthcare providers.

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