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Who We Are

Elara Wellness is a health and wellness company.

We partner our clinical pharmacists with Primary Care Providers to provide preventive care and medication management for adults over the age of 65.

Our services improve patient outcomes and free up physicians to focus on treatment.

Our mission is to be change makers who inspire people to take charge of their wellness.

Chief Wellness Officer

Wambui is on a mission to support people in aligning their lifestyle choices and health goals.

Chief Wellness Provider

Dr. Nyabero is the Chief Clinical Officer in charge of Collaborative agreements, patient care protocols, clinical staff training and mentoring.

Wellness Provider

Dr. Ofori is a Clinical Pharmacist with over 20 years’ experience in pharmacy and the Pharmaceutical industry.

Wellness Provider

Dr. Ahmad is a seasoned multifaceted Clinical Pharmacist and is one of Elara Wellness founders.

Would your Patients benefit from a Preventive Health partnership?